About AECA

AECA registered members offers you specialised education and migration consultancy services. Our registered education counsellors and migration agents have extensive experience in providing high quality education and immigration services.

Our Objective

  • 01

    To commit for the betterment of education consultants and stakeholders in Australia and making better choices and guiding towards materialising their goals.

  • 02

    To bring together AECA members with other institutions in Australia in one platform

  • 03

    To provide develop and distribute training resources to AECA members

  • 04

    To make awareness and promote Australia as a popular and safe study destination

  • 05

    To associate with AECA members to form short-term and long-term plans and policies to generate fruitful opportunities

  • 06

    To strongly implement the code of ethics and practices

  • 07

    To make sure that AECA members provide quality education service and consultancy service to the students from across the globe

  • 08

    To familiarize members with the education providers/ institutes and forming an alliance is integral for us to be able to fulfill our true objective successfully

  • 09

    To provide humanitarian service to those with special needs to improve the quality of life in the community of our own and the community of Australia

  • 10

    To represent members to Australian government agencies and educational bodies in Australia and overseas

  • 11

    To promote Australian education services and society internationally with standards of ethical behaviour

  • 12

    To publish and distribute code of conduct

  • 13

    To organize and/or participate in programs and events promoting the interests of all members

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