Our Programs and Events

We constantly run events and programs to bring the community together and build strong foundation.
Find some of our events in past.

We had conducted a workshop named Homeward Assisted Returns funded by Department of Home Affairs to assist non-Australian citizens who may be struggling and wanting to return home to their country with an option to voluntarily depart Australia. Homeward Assisted Returns organise travel for the recipient and prepare documents amongst other assistance. The workshop was conducted on 29th November 2019 at level 14, 87-89 Liverpool Street, Sydney.

For the first time in Australia, come back home campaign was initiated by AECA in association with NRNA Australia NSW, NAAER and Nepal Australia Alumni at Sydney City College of Management.

Christmas Party was organised on behalf of AECA on Friday, 20th December 2019 by SSBT, engaging different organizations and institutions. Bringing together people from different organizations was a perfect mix of people, social and gathering.  It will be our pleasure to continue this partnership between SSBT and AECA for future events.