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Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with Nepalese Association of Australia Education Representatives (NAAER)

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AECA is pleased to partner with NAAER and has benefited significantly from MoU. It has signed MoU with NAAER for promoting Australian Education and for the betterment of education consultants in Nepal and Australia.

The signing is hoped to encourage the association to be active in providing best service to students and providers in collaboration with all stakeholders.

Blood Donation Program

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Blood donation program was successfully conducted by AECA with support from Australian Red Cross Life Blood at Townhall Donor Centre, Sydney on 3rd and 4th December 2019.

There were visitors who were active donors and were very enthusiastic about donating blood. Blood scarcity is one of the major problems in the medical sector and a decision to donate blood can save people’s life. Hence, AECA is happy to contribute a little drop of solution to this problem.

We would like to show appreciation to all the participants who had made this event fruitful. With the help of our donors we were able to collect 16 pints of blood. We look forward to organizing another blood donation program in future.

Roll up your sleeves and donate blood to give the gift of life.

Australian Bush Fire Appeal

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The devastation from the ongoing Bush fires has been immense all over Australia. So, let us all join hands together and do what we do best as a Nepali & a Nepali community to help generously for the sake of Humanity. AECA has taken this initiative to appeal to all of you to support in fund raising for Australian Bushfires. The appeal especially extends to our fellow friends and associates and members of all Education Agent organisations in Nepal and Australia to donate generously for this good cause.

Australia as we all agree, has given us all an immense opportunity as a “Land of Opportunities” especially in our Education Industry. AECA is fighting for bush fire victim and has a goal to collect $50,000 so please donate generously. We would also like to thank our amazing donors, people from Nepal and Australia who have joined hands to support the victim of Bush Fire in Australia. AECA has united to assist families whose lifestyle is at risk due to prolonged bush fire.

The Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology provides overall weather updates for parts of Australia, including the latest fire warnings. Please visit to know about the most up-to-date fire danger areas.

Help us help them by donating at

At the end of the campaign, AECA will hand over the cheque for the raised amount to “Salvation Army” for their bushfire donation appeal.

AECA FAM Trip Adelaide 2019

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This year’s event featured AECA FAM Trip to Adelaide where AECA members were invited to visit Adelaide and had the opportunity to familiarise with the education provider and the local organizations.

The purpose of AECA FAM Trip was to strengthen the close-knit relationship of Nepalese agents with reputed education providers in Southern Australia.  It was a two-day visit on 26th September and 27th September 2019. The tour was effective in terms of business relationship of AECA with education providers in Adelaide.  This trip was taken as a steppingstone to promote AECA and its members for the professional relationship with other stakeholders.

AECA members including Study Adelaide representatives and college representatives attended the meeting and enjoyed cocktail party which gave an opportunity to have discussion and informal communication about the business opportunity for AECA members with education providers in Adelaide.

TAFE SA, Salford College, International Australian Academy, Equals International, Ironwood Institute, Queensford College and Carnegie Mellon University attended this event. AECA would like to thank Mr. Andrew, Study SA 1, Study SA 2 who provided continuous support for making this trip a success. Unity and support from the AECA members in the recent trip were incredible and looking forward the same in the future events.