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Label free travel arrangements from 1 October 2012

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As of 1 October 2012, the South Asia region, including India will implement label-free visa travel to Australia in line with the Australian Government’s global program.

While a visa will still be required to enter and stay in Australia, a visa label will no longer be required in the passport.  Airlines will be able to electronically verify a visa holder’s authority to travel to and enter Australia.

AECA Registration for new partners/members procedure

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  1. Open website
  2. Click the sign in link on right hand side. A form will appear ­­
  3. Click on sign up for partner link and registration form will appear
  1. Fill up the form details to register yourself as partner. All fields are mandatory except for fax
  2. Once you submit the application an acknowledgement will be sent to your email and your application will stay as pending which will be viewed by an admin.
  3. Once admin approves your application you will be then sent an email with successful registration and password which you can use for login . The email will be the one you registered with us . If decline you will be notified as well.
  4. Click on sign in link . Use your email id and provided password to login into our system
  5. Enjoy the system