AECA FAM Trip Adelaide 2019

AECA FAM Trip Adelaide 2019

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This year’s event featured AECA FAM Trip to Adelaide where AECA members were invited to visit Adelaide and had the opportunity to familiarise with the education provider and the local organizations.

The purpose of AECA FAM Trip was to strengthen the close-knit relationship of Nepalese agents with reputed education providers in Southern Australia.  It was a two-day visit on 26th September and 27th September 2019. The tour was effective in terms of business relationship of AECA with education providers in Adelaide.  This trip was taken as a steppingstone to promote AECA and its members for the professional relationship with other stakeholders.

AECA members including Study Adelaide representatives and college representatives attended the meeting and enjoyed cocktail party which gave an opportunity to have discussion and informal communication about the business opportunity for AECA members with education providers in Adelaide.

TAFE SA, Salford College, International Australian Academy, Equals International, Ironwood Institute, Queensford College and Carnegie Mellon University attended this event. AECA would like to thank Mr. Andrew, Study SA 1, Study SA 2 who provided continuous support for making this trip a success. Unity and support from the AECA members in the recent trip were incredible and looking forward the same in the future events.

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